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 - CHILLIWACK PROGRESS. Wed.. Sept. 25. 1968...
CHILLIWACK PROGRESS. Wed.. Sept. 25. 1968 ATTRACTIVELY LANDSCAPED gardens, smart buildings and a stunning mountain backdrop help create a park-like park-like park-like setting for Centre Creek Camp. But lif e is rigorous for inmates on the DASH program, and the challenges and the discipline are tough. Camp buildings and landscaping, incidentally, are almost exclusively the work of inmates and officers. Wherever possible, available materials are used and lumber comes from the sawmill at Mt. Thurston camp. TEAMWORK IS NEEDED in traversing this rope course. If one rnan starts to wobble, he can make starts to flip, the watchword is "hang on tight!" is a thick layer of wood chips below which could For Young Inmates Tough New Program Shapes Character, Skills GUY SYMONDS hereby sentence you year definite and indeterminate in portion of Oakalla Prison Farm known as the Offenders' Unit." has been the start of that went downhill all for many a young without becoming about it, got little a society concerned with punishment. next year or so, it possible to see a similarly sentenced young man, back in society in but with a new set of ideas, values and reactions reactions gained under conditions conditions that do not even remotely remotely resemble those in "the Young Offenders Unit of Oakalla Prison Farm". Moreover, he may have in his possession a fairly earned earned set of badges or diplomas telling him, and the world, that he has passed the test and is fully qualified to keep up with the rest. It started about three years ago on Vancouver Island Island and went under the name of SALT . . . "Search and Leadership Training". It is reported that of 43 who completed the 39-day 39-day 39-day course BENCHES ON A LAWN beside the Chilliwack River are put to good use on visiting day, which takes place once a month. And the cook helps to make the day memorable one. in 1964, 1965 and 1966, some 63 per cent had not committed committed a further delinquency resulting resulting in institutional sentence sentence up to July of last year. Of 10 probationers destined destined to go to an institution in 1964 and who completed a six-week six-week six-week course 70 per cent have not committed a delinquency delinquency in the past three years. CHARACTER BUILDING Object of the SALT course is described as developing in each probationer "a sense of responsibility to himself, his family and community. It seeks to promote "self-discipline, "self-discipline, "self-discipline, "self-discipline, self - confidence and self - reliance, to improve his attitude towards authority and involves the actual handling handling of responsibilities under supervision." At Centre Creek, a Corrections Corrections Branch forestry camp some five miles from Chilliwack Lake, a similar program has just been started. started. It is known as 'DASH' . . . Development of Attitudes, Attitudes, Skills and Habits. Eleven Inmates arrived at, the beginning of September, and their numbers will be increased increased by monthly intakes until a maximum of 48 is reached. Fourteen correctional correctional officers had earlier taken an intensive course to administer administer the program. The program covers a variety variety of subjects suitable to a British Columbia location from knots and lashings to mountaineering. A vigorous work program, fire suppression, suppression, snowshoeing, wilderness wilderness survival in summer and winter, handling of boats and rafts, search and rescue, use of compass and geography, as well as hunting and fishing, fishing, are all aspects of the course. HELPING OTHERS It is hoped to be able to take a class of young offenders, offenders, train them as a group, and graduate them as a group. Essential to the program program is the teaching of dependence dependence on others and of assisting others. At the camp k O if z n r erf -'1st -'1st Li f irfl l $ an obstacle course has been built. This demands not only physical effort but also cooperation cooperation with others in the group. There will be no effort to make everyone complete one stage of the program at the same time. Each stage could take a month at best and six of these stages, successfully completed to the satisfaction of the authorities, could put a young man back into society society after six months instead instead of two years. Successful completion of each stage brings a badge or certificate. First of these, level one, is a cog wheel, representing motion, industry industry work. Then comes the Cross of St. John, denoting aid and compassion for others. Third is the Olympic torch, symbolic of team spirit and sportsmanship; fourth, a cross of stars to represent Christian guidance; fifth, armor armor and a sword to represent the obligation to defend the faith and trust placed in a person; and lastly the laurel and maple leaf, victory and patriotism. All this may sound pretty ambitious. One might be forgiven forgiven for having doubts as to the appeal of this type of program to the young man who has found it necessary early in life to defy society, its taboos and disciplines. But it must be borne in mind that this scheme is not the brainchild of do-gooders do-gooders do-gooders far removed from the realities realities of the job. Bruce Tate, head of Centre Creek camp and chief designer designer of the program has some 14 years experience in the Corrections Branch and he is working under and with men with comparable t practical knowledge of the young offender. offender. And with very few illusions. illusions. "This cannot be treated as a mass problem," is Bruce's verdict. "Every one is a different different person and must get personal and individual attention attention if there is to be any success." He agrees that there may be more failures than suc cesses and is completely undaunted undaunted by the prospect. Like the rest, he looks at the one brand snatched from the burning as justifying any effort effort to put out the fire. Gordon Chappie, officer in charge of the four camps of which Centre Creek is one, gives Bruce Tate full marks for the initiative, drive and imagination that is producing producing this program. He also himself supplies a full measure measure of enthusiasm and support support in the work. Whatever the difficulties there is no doubt that this new approach to an old and ever-increasing ever-increasing ever-increasing problem provides provides inspiration that is lifting lifting the whole level. We'll give reason why convert to BALANCING ABILITY is put to the test in this series of upright poles, which must be tackled in continuous progression without pausing. It develops nimble-footedness nimble-footedness nimble-footedness in mountaineering. 1 GREYHOUND Lines of Canada Ltd. 222 1st Avenue S.W. Calgary, Aiberta. 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