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 - Students grew gardens The Chilliwack Rainbow...
Students grew gardens The Chilliwack Rainbow School Garden Program is open to all school children, from both private and public schools in the Chilliwack area. There are two divisions, junior and senior. The 1986 program drew about 125 students. All the garden seeds, vegetables and flowers are donated by the East Chilliwack Consumer Co-op. Co-op. Co-op. Other costs are covered by the Chilliwack School District. Even though growing conditions in July were on the cool side and not much corn was ready for exhibition, there were, nevertheless, some 85 group and individual entries at the Chilliwack Rainbow Fair. The Junior Garden section again was a major contributor to the horticulture exhibits exhibits at the fair. Following are the winners in the various categories: Junior Flowers Alyssum, Stocks, Snapdragons: 1. Dustin Toumier, Vedder St. (trophy winner) ; 2. Roy Norum, Cheam El.; 3. Tara Stewart, Sardis El. Senior Flowers Marigolds, Linnias, Cosmos: 1. Clara Norum, RJS (trophy winner); winner); 2. Ray Norum, RJS and Wendy Lam-son, Lam-son, Lam-son, AtcheUtz; 3. Adriaan Van Reeuwyk, Timothy Christian, Gina Giesbrecht, VJS and Linda Berg, SSS. Vegetable Group Exhibit The prizes for the group exhibits are based on two garden inspections and the produce exhibit at the Rainbow Exhibition. Junior Garden beets, carrots, corn, beans: 1. Forrest Wagner, Greendale El. (trophy winner); 2. Erin Waltier, Watson El.; 3. Sonja Wubs, Timothy Christian; Roy Norum, Cheam El. and Tara Stewart, Sardis El. Senior Garden beets, carrots, corn, beans, cucumbers: 1. Wendy Lamson, AtcheUtz AtcheUtz (trophy winner ) ; 2. Ray Norum and Clara Norum from RJS; 3. Feather Wagner, SSS. Individual Vegetable Exhibits These awards are based only on the Rainbow Fair Exhibit. Junior Section Carrots 1. Roy Norum, 2. Tara Stewart, 3. Dustin Toumier. Beets 1. Dustin Tournier, 2. Jessie Ann Linton, 3. Tony Gore. Com 1. Forrest Wagner, 2. Tara STewart, 3. Corinne Van Reeuwyck. Beans 1. Erin Waltier, 2. Roy Norum, 3. Kim Griffith. Senior Section - Carrots 1. Gina Giesbrecht, 2. Ray Norum, 3. Brenda Berg. Beets 1. Gina Giesbrecht, 2. Wendy Lamson, 3. Brenda Berg. Corn 1. Feather Wagner, 2. Heather Richardson. Beans 1. Lee Gore, 2. Feather Wagner, 3. Gina Giesbrecht. Cucumbers 1., Feather Wagner, 2. Robert Roseboom, 3. Linda Berg. Junior Flowers 1. Dustin Tournier, Vedder EL, $8; 2. Roy Norum, Cheam El., $6; 3. Tara Stewart, Sardis EL, $4. Senior Flowers 1., Clara Norum, RJS, $8; 2. Ray Norum, RJS, $8 and Wendy Lamson VJS, $6; 3. Adriaan Van Reeuwyk, RJS, Gina Giesbrecht, VJS, and Linda Berg SSS, all $4. Junior Garden 1. Forrest Wagner, Greendale EL, $10; 2. Erin Waltier, Watson Watson EL, $8; 3. Sonja Wubs RJS, Ray Norum RJS and Tara Stewart, Sardis El. all $4. Senior Garden 1. Wendy Lamson, VJS, $10; 2. Ray and Clara Norum, RJS, both $8; 3. Feather Wagner, SSS, $6. Junior Individual Vegetable Exhibits Carrots 1. Roy Norum, RJS, $2.50; 2. Tara Stewart, Sardis EL, $2; 3. Dustin Tournier, Vedder EL, $1.50. Beets 1. Dustin Tournier, Vedder El. $2.50; 2. Jessie Ann Linton, Greendale EL, $2; 3. Tony Gore, Strathcona EL, $1.50. Com 1. Forrest Wagner, Greendale EL, $2.50; 2. Tara Stewart, SArdis EL, $2; 3. Corinne Van Reeuwyk, RJS, $1.50. Beans 1. Erin Waltier, Watson EL, $2.50; 2. Roy Norum, RJS, $2; 3. Kim Griffith, Griffith, Watson EL, $1.50. Senior Section Carrots 1. Gina Giesbrecht, VJS, $2.50; 2. Ray Norum, RJS, $2; 3. Brenda Berg, SSS, $1.50. Beets - 1. Gina Giesbrecht, VJS, $2.50; 2. Wendy Lamson, VJS, $2; 3. Brenda Berg, SSS, $1.50. Corn -1. -1. Feather Wagner, SSS, $2.50; 2. Heather Richardson, Watson EL, $2. Beans 1. Lee Gore, Strathcona EL, $2.50; 2. Feather Wagner, SSS, $2; 3. Gina Giesbrecht, VJS, $1.50. Cucumbers 1. Feather Wagner, SSS, $2.50; 2. Robert Roseboom, Greendale EL, $2; 3. Linda Berg, SSS, $1.50. USC Attacks Hunger Head On USC Canada has allocated $25,000 to a nutrition program running in nine Indonesian villages, where 60 per cent of the children suffer from malnutrition, and 12 per cent are severly malnourished. USC Canada, 56 Sparks Street, Ottawa KIP 5B1.

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